A Special Message From Coach Dick Vermeil

Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive, degenerative disorder resulting in loss of memory, thinking, language skills, and behavioral changes. It has a profound affect on the lives of individuals with the disease and on the lives of their families.

The McKeown Foundation, formed in 2007, was established as a family-run organization to support individuals suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and the families affected by it. After losing family patriarch William J. McKeown, Jr. to Alzheimer’s in 1991, the family focused itself on steadily raising awareness of the disease through annual golf outings honoring William. After raising over one million dollars, the family expanded their efforts by forming the Foundation which is devoted to promoting care, research, and education in the local community for Alzheimer patients and their loved ones.

The McKeown Foundation needs your help to honor those suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, to bring comfort and empowerment to caregivers and to educate families on caregiver issues and options. Your tax-deductible donation can make an immediate impact on families in our community.

For information on ways to give, please contact us.

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Ask your employer about the United Way’s Donor Choice Program and pledge your support to The McKeown Foundation by selecting donor code 49070.

McKeown Foundation

The McKeown Foundation needs your help to honor those suffering from Alzheimer's disease.